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First-time patients please book an initial appointment of 90 minutes.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We require at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellation. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, your card will automatically be charged an amount equal to the treatment fee.

Session with Nancy Dougherty

This session will include Manual Therapy (Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Massage) and Medical Qigong Therapy for the assessment and treatment of soft tissue imbalances and tension, joint restrictions, dysfunctional movement & posture patterns, nervous system interference and energetic disturbances according to Chinese Energetic Medicine.

Nancy Dougherty RMT MQP

Craniosacral Therapy/Somatoemotional Release Technique Visceral Manipulation Medical Qigong Therapy/Chinese Energetic Medicine Somatic (Body-based) Trauma & Emotional Processing Therapy Qigong Exercises & Meditation/Daoist Inner Alchemy Mindfulness Meditation

Patients receive attentive care and a gentle, precise treatment that helps to acknowledge and reorganize dysfunctional physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes.

We work together through phases of relief, rehabilitation and regulation through therapy, dialogue and prescribed exercises.

My education and training is ongoing with an emphasis on Medical Qigong Therapy through mentorship with Dr William Welch Jr. (Temple of the Celestial Fire), who is a longtime and Senior Student of Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, who are both based in California.

I am disciplined in the practices of Qigong and Meditation and have maintained a private clinical practice since 2005.

I value an ethical and honest approach to assessment and treatment, and expect patients to consider all of their life conditions as part of the treatment plan. Relief from suffering extends beyond the experience of our physical symptoms, and this includes establishment of healthy boundaries, self-esteem, attitudes and relationships. This realization compels me to teach about the value of meditation, self-awareness, social determinants of health, self-regulation and natural breathing.

I came to this work 20 years ago from a background in Employee Benefits Consulting, and am led by my ongoing healing journey from chronic pain, mental health challenges and injuries. I continue to be fascinated by human suffering and resiliency.

Chinese Energetic Medicine works with the complexity of the continuously changing human experience, and is therefore a good lense through which we can explore healing possibilities for sufferers of chronic physical, somatoemotional or psychospiritual conditions.

Craniosacral and Visceral techniques, both forms of manual medicine with roots in Chinese Medicine and, more recently, osteopathy, are skillfully applied to engage the deeper tissues in the body and transform dysfunctional tension relationships that might be causing pain, or inhibiting posture and movement.

Your initial appointment is an opportunity to be heard and to identify circumstances inhibiting your recovery and wellbeing. Each person is unique, and treatment plans vary according to all factors considered, including your goals and expectations.

Born & raised in the Niagara Region, I graduated with honours in Massage and Hydrotherapy from Canadian Therapeutic College in 2005 and promptly entered into private clinical practice.

Continuing Education includes, but is not limited to:

Thai Yoga Massage Introduction with Lotus Palm School— Craniosacral Therapy 1 & 2 with Upledger Institute— Somatoemotional Release 1 & 2 with Upledger Institute— Visceral Manipulation 1 - 4 with Barral Institute— Chinese Energetic Medicine/Qigong (ongoing) with Dr. William L. Welch Jr, D.T.C.M., D.M.Q. (China) — Mindfulness Meditation Facilitation Training Intensive with Michael Stone

Nancy Dougherty RMT MQP Craniosacral Therapy/Somatoemotional Release Technique Visceral Manipula... Read More

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